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Company history :

May 1998:  the huashun plastic injection processing factory was founded in jiangbei , changan town, specializing in injection of two color products.

June 2000:  enlarge business of plastic injection , purchased more two color plastic injection machine and the huashuan plastic&mould co. was founded.

August 2001:increase tool manufature ,order of processing and two color plastic mould .

May 2004:  application of ERP(enterprise resource plan ) software system.

July 2005: expand the area of factory building to 4000square meters, orientation engaging in manufacture of two color mould and molding of dual materials was gradually established.

April 2006: enter into decoration field of inside auto and successful application in this filed.

  September 2007: hire well-known company of management adviser and applyISO9000:2001.

  November 2007: the factory was move into new factory with an area of 10,000 square meter in dalinshan, and the hwachin plastic mould CO.,Ltd was founded.

   Target of company: lead in the manufacturing techonology of two color and dual materials mould, service to you in high-end comsuming electron products,portable communication ,instrument of medical treatment, lamps of auto,various buttons inside auto,air condition panel of auto, pneumatic and manual tools and other fileds, and provide you with solution of two color and dual materials products.